Road to 2024

Episode 26: Have You Hurd?

July 10, 2023 Road to 2024 Podcast
Road to 2024
Episode 26: Have You Hurd?
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Show Notes

Road to 2024 is back! Join Sam and Robbie as they discuss the news surrounding the presidential race.
The Supreme Court released a handful of major decisions, but we think two will have an outsized impact on 2024.
President Joe Biden coined the term for his economic policy: "Bidenomics." Will this improve Democrats's messaging or be an easy target for Republicans to hit Biden.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis released a controversial ad depicting former President Donald Trump as friendly with the LGBTQ community. Is Ron finished?
And former Rep. Will Hurd announced his run for the GOP nomination. Who?
All this and more on this week's edition of Road to 2024.


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