Road to 2024

Episode 34: GOP Debate Postgame Show!

August 24, 2023
Road to 2024
Episode 34: GOP Debate Postgame Show!
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Show Notes

What a spectacle!
Eight Republican candidates for President participated in a debate Wednesday night. Each tried them pitch themself for the first time to a national audience on why they should be President. 
Robbie is joined once again by Lucca Ruggieri- the Founder and executive director of the nationally recognized polling firm Patriot Polling and The National Chairman of Students for Keep Nine, Sam Underhill- a first- year at University of Alabama Founder and executive director of Active8GenZ, an Anton Akroush- a first year at Michigan State University, who has worked with numerous civic organizations including Racing Ahead, and Turnout Nation. We close the episode with analysis from our very own Sam Posner. 
We discuss Vivek Ramaswamy getting pounded from everyone, Ron DeSantis avoiding attacks, Nikki Haley flexing her debate strength, Donald Trump's, absence, and so much more!

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