Road to 2024

Episode 36: The Election of 1800

September 04, 2023
Road to 2024
Episode 36: The Election of 1800
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Hamilton &
Jefferson &
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This week on the Road to 2024, we take a brief step away from the world of Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Ron DeSantis, and turn back the clock to recap the wild Presidential Election of 1800.  The presidency of John Adams was riddled with scandal, allowing his Vice President and enemy Thomas Jefferson a good chance at taking the presidency. But Jefferson's party screws up resulting in our country's first electoral college tie with Vice Presidential candidate Aaron Burr. The race goes to the House of Representatives where the members decide the next President,  but not without Revolutionary War hero and political veteran Alexander Hamilton having something to say about it.

Hamilton's letter bashing Adams and the Federalists
Hamilton (Musical) Election of 1800 Song

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