Road to 2024

Episode 39: Governor Larry Hogan

October 23, 2023
Road to 2024
Episode 39: Governor Larry Hogan
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Show Notes

Robbie and Sam are joined by former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to discuss all things 2024 Presidential Election. Want to learn more about the 2024 race from an insider? Do the Republicans have a chance in 2024? Gov. Hogan addresses these pressing questions and more. 

Hogan also has a good relationship with the six current and former governors still running in the GOP primary and was once a potential candidate for president (maybe don't rule it out yet). Hogan is also the honorary co-chair of the No Labels Organization. No Labels are looking to gain ballot access in order to offer a potential alternative to President Biden and former President Trump in the general election. 

Governor Hogan offers his thoughts on the state of the 2024 race, what the future of the Republican party looks like, and reveals whether or not he will run for president. 

Gov. Hogan Bio:
UChicago Institute of Politics:

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